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Weird Ass Things for Katie to do on Brit Tour

Okay, so Katie’s going to England in a few days for a theatre thing and I’m gonna miss her and I kind of made this list of things for her to do while she’s on tour and she gets points and there are rules and probably nobody but Katie and Stephanie care about this, but I’m posting it here anyway.

Da rules:

1. You can only get points for doing each thing once. Come on, gurl. Let’s be real.

2. You must have either photographic or video proof that you beat each mission into a bloody pulp.

3. Don’t cheat. Your ass will probably find something all up on this list where you’ll be all like “oh well technically I’m not breaking any rules….” You stop that. Everyone hates that guy.

4. Whenever possible don’t be explainin’ what’s going on to any innocent bystanders, yo.

5. All points are negotiable. If you did something hella badass and you want more points for it, explain the situation and we’ll get our asses in gear and figure out the point value.

6. Invent some shit. If you think of something that could potentially live up to the badassery on this list, again ask us and we’ll determine the point value for you.

7. When you come home we’ll add up your weak ass points and our bitchin’ booty popin’ points and see who has the biggest lady-balls.

·       When waiting for a flight, turn on some classical music and dance to that shit in the waiting area with a fellow Brit Tour cast member. (3)

·       Make friends with a random ass stranger and have coffee with them. (3)

·       Sit outside and meditate like a BOSS for at least an entire minute. (5)

·       Ask a police officer if you can wear his hat. Take a picture in it if he’ll let you wear it. If not, take a picture next to him while holding up a peace sign with some major swag. (8)

·       Buy a homeless person a bitchin meal at a fast food restaurant (5)

·       Run (or dance) your ass through a park singing the entirety of one song from a Broadway musical. (8)

·       Fashion your broke ass a crown out of unconventional materials and wear that shit in a public place for ten minutes. (3)

·       Wear two completely different shoes out of your room and when someone alerts you to your mistake, act like it’s a complete surprise and run your booty back to your room totally flustered and embarrassed like a little bitch. (3)

·       Convince a guy to let you do his makeup supah fierce. (3) Convince him to put on a slamin’ dress and heels. (2 more) Parade your hot asses around a public venue (like the lobby). (3 more)

·       Wear your hair in a gansta ponytail or bun on the very tippy top of your head for a whole day. (5)

·       When boarding your flight, ask if you can take a picture in the cockpit, yo. (4) Ask to wear the captain’s hat because THUG LIFE. (2 more)Throw a fake gang sign. (1 more)

·       Teach at least one of your cast members some tight ass choreography to one chorus and one verse of a song. (5) Have 3+ people in the routine. (2 more) Teach them the whole damn song. (3 more)

·       Order tea and scones with lemon curd and your choice of jam like a fuckin’ lady. Take a picture of you drinking with your goddamn pinky extended. (2)

·       Dance as you cross a street because YOLO. Make sure someone records you. (2)

·       Take a picture of you kissing one of those gross ass animal statues. (3)

·       Draw a big nasty ass mole on your face and keep it for the whole day. (4)

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